Katie Aliféris is a Greek-American poet and lyricist 

from San Francisco, California.  Her work often focuses on uplifting The Matriarch, life with a chronic illness/disability, and her heritage. 

She  has been a featured performer at Get Lit, Greek American Writers Night,  Literary Speakeasy, Quiet Lightning, the SFSU Center for Modern Greek  Studies, VelRo's Global Voices: A Celebration of Translation and  International Creative Writing, Voz Sin Tinta, and other events. Her  work has been published in various literary anthologies, journals, and  websites.


Select publications

"After" in 9 Muses News

"I'll Be Ares, You Be Aphrodite" set to music by Demetrius Spaneas 

(original publication in Silver Birch Press)

"Invisible  Illness // Invisible Disability // Ode to the People Who Snap Judgment  and Snap Pictures of Me Sitting in the Train Seats

 for Those Who Are  Less Able" in The Cerurove